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Matheson, no stranger to Nitro Harleys, ran a Nitro Twin back in 2016 when he ran the former Championship-winning American Bike of legend Doug Vancil. 


The Bike that Matheson named “Jack Hammer” had run multiple low 6-second passes in America and ended up in Matheson’s stable.


Matheson debuted the “Jack Hammer” for a season, winning numerous races while he was designing and building a new billet 4-cylinder engine for his Nitro Voodoo inline bike.


In the debut year, Matheson was runner-up in the Championship as he quickly found his feet on the Twin.


Since placing the Voodoo Machine in the Brisbane Motor Museum, after running the history changing 5-second pass at Sydney Dragway, Matheson purchased a front running Former Doug Horne Top Fuel Nitro Harley, built by Romine Racing from Australian racer, Mark Drew. 


Drew campaigned the Bike for some time, winning Championships and resetting the Australian Twin records.


Matheson wanted to preserve the history-making Vancil Machine, so he purchased the Romine Racing Machine and went about upgrading and improving the Motorcycle.

Matheson debuted the new Nitro Voodoo Harley at the opening of The Bend Racetrack in South Australia in late 2023, setting the bar with a shakedown pass of 6.39 seconds, shutting off at 1,000 ft mark.


Matheson has big plans for the Twin as he is undertaking significant ongoing modifications and upgrades to ensure the Team is the first injected V-Twin in the 5-second zone.

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